Industrial Moving Equipment
& heavy lifting solutions

Founded in 1982, Airsled was created to be the best heavy equipment lifting and moving solution. We provide innovative heavy load moving solutions including furniture moving equipment, appliance movers and industrial moving equipment for customers throughout the world. See our air pallet technology in action!

Airsled engineers and designers developed unique air film systems, known as Airsleds, which use air bearing and air caster technology to help our customers reduce costs, save time, eliminate hazards and prevent injuries related to heavy load lifting and heavy load movement. We have over 30 years’ experience in air film technology, providing innovative heavy machinery moving equipment and industrial equipment moving solutions for customers throughout the world.

Load Movement Solutions
to fit any need

Airsled’s standard and custom products are designed for lifting, moving and positioning a wide range of heavy or difficult loads including industrial machinery, electronics, assembly parts, aeronautics, appliances, refrigerators, furniture, vending, office, computer, and medical equipment. No other load carrier system provides the level of ease and reliability of an Airsled solution. Airsled employees offer a variety of talents from engineering and technical support, to manufacturing and world-class customer service. Our legendary service offers same day shipping for standard products and 10-day shipping for most custom products. Our staff is proud to be part of a company that provides leading-edge solutions that solve a wide variety of challenges in load movement. Contact us directly to have our highly experienced team recommend the right industrial moving equipment system to meet your specific needs.

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The secret

The secret is placing and keeping a micro-thin cushion of air under the load to then move it almost effortlessly. A heavy load can be moved by a force equal to just 1% of its weight. A small child can easily and safely move a 500-pound load around the room using just one finger. The weight/force chart below illustrates how little force is needed to move heavy loads with Airsled air bearing/air film technology.


Let Airsled Help
Move Your Products


We’ll work with you to find the right tools for moving heavy equipment or any other heavy load quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Contact us to find the perfect Airsled solution for your upcoming project.

Industry Leading

Air Bearing Solutions

Airsled’s air bearing system utilizes air film technology to create easy, lightweight and portable air casters using low air pressure to move loads from 100 pounds up to 20,000 pounds. We use a specially designed blower to push a continuous stream of air into the rugged fabric covering our air beams, which then flows out through the perforations underneath the beams. The size, composition and number of air beams is dictated by the size and weight of the load being moved. We manufacture standard products and specialize in custom designed products to meet almost every heavy load handing need.

Often people unaware of air film technology can’t believe their eyes when they see how easily our systems lift heavy loads. From moving appliances to moving heavy equipment, we make the job easy.

Learn more about our standard air bearing and air caster products, as well as custom Airsled solutions.

Company History

Founded in 1982, Airsled was created to solve problems lifting and moving heavy loads in home, commercial and industrial settings. Since our beginning, we have pioneered low-pressure, air film technology for heavy load mobility and are proud to offer a diverse and innovative portfolio of solutions for customers throughout the world.


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