What is Air Film Technology?

A Revolution in Handling Heavy Loads


Airsled is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of portable, low-pressure air film technology and air bearing products. Our air film technology has revolutionized heavy load handling, making tasks such as moving appliances and moving heavy machinery easier and safer than they have ever been before. The secret is placing and keeping a micro-thin cushion of air under the load to then move it almost effortlessly. A heavy load can be moved by a force equal to just 1% of its weight. A small child can easily and safely move a 500 pound load around the room using just one finger. The weight/force chart below illustrates how little force is needed to move heavy loads with Airsled air bearing/air film technology.

Industry Leading Air Bearing Solutions

Airsled’s air bearing system utilizes air film technology to create easy, lightweight and portable air casters using low air pressure to move loads from 100 pounds up to 20,000 pounds. We use a specially designed blower to push a continuous stream of air into the rugged fabric covering our air beams, which then flows out through the perforations underneath the beams. The size, composition and number of air beams is dictated by the size and weight of the load being moved. We manufacture standard products and specialize in custom designed products to meet almost every heavy load handing need.

Often people unaware of air film technology can’t believe their eyes when they see how easily our systems lift heavy loads. From moving appliances to moving heavy equipment, we make the job easy.

Learn more about our standard air bearing and air caster products, as well as custom Airsled solutions.

Airsled Force/Weight Chart