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ergonomic load movement systems

Airsled’s ergonomic load movement systems are used for a wide variety of equipment moving applications. The links below provide specific instructions on three common uses including: moving a refrigerator with an appliance system; special instructions for moving a Sub-Zero® refrigerator; using a SodaFloat® to move a vending machine; how to use Airsled’s vending spacer system.

Appliance Mover System
Sub-Zero® Refrigerator Movers
Vending Machine Mover System
Using a Spacer System

Click here to see a system lifting capacity chart

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Founded in 1982, Airsled was created to solve problems lifting and moving heavy loads in home, commercial and industrial settings. Since our beginning, we have pioneered low-pressure, air film technology for heavy load mobility and are proud to offer a diverse and innovative portfolio of solutions for customers throughout the world.


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