benAirsledOften times Lean Manufacture Engineers, Mechanical Engineers, and Quality Assurance Managers ask themselves ,
“ Can I move my
10 tons heavy equipment or machinery while keeping the risk of damages or injuries to a minimum?” , “Can I avoid hiring an outside contractor or rigging company without having to pay $25,000 per week?”, “Can we do the heavy lifting and moving job ourselves?”.  The answer is YES. By using Airsled’s heavy equipment movers you can eliminate all your worries. Reduce cost and time required by traditional moving methods.





  • By only using top quality materials along with our exclusive technology, we are able to design and manufacture a custom system specifically for your application. You can move complex and difficult loads without spending a fortune. Airsled® systems floats heavy equipment on a cushion of air.
  • Traditional material handling equipment such as forklifts, hoists or cranes,  can cause severe damage to the load, to your crew and in worst cases even death. Forklifts are unwieldy and require maneuvering space. They require a trained operator and  in plants where you only have combustion powered forklifts it limits you in areas where fumes are not allowed. Forklifts frequently found in production or manufacturing areas can lift loads up to 5,000 pounds this limitation becomes a nightmare for plant engineers when they need to move much heavier equipment. You can use our systems in tight spaces where there is no access to forklifts or even walkie-stackers. Airsled’s heavy equipment movers, help you move your heavy loads in a much safer and efficient way. bruce
  • Our advance technology allows you to slide the “airbeams” under a clearance as low as 0.50 inches, 1.27 centimeters, 12.70 millimeters and still lift loads up to 20,000 pounds and even more This would almost be IMPOSSIBLE with other lifting mechanisms. The possibilities are truly remarkable.
  • Airsled’s® unique systems use low-air-pressure. This allows us to use a low-pressure blower which is why we are the only ones in the industry with the ability to build portable systems without increasing your budget. Unlike the expensive high air pressure lifting systems, Airsled’s® custom designs do not require an air supply line from a compressed vessel (air compressor) to lift and move your load. Some plants cannot afford to lose vital air pressure from their air supply lines, and in some cases they don’t have a compressed air line obligating you to hire an outside contractor.
  • Unlike wheel castors Airsled’s heavy equipment moversare friction-less. This means you can move your heavy loads in and out of tight spaces with easy maneuverability. Our “airbeams” can float over  bolts, nuts, screws, washers, or any other type fasteners and small tools typically found on production and manufacturing floors. It can also go over cracks  and crevices as wide as 1.00 inch (when you have concrete slabs separation).
  • Imagine moving the total weight of a load by using 1 % of force, for example, to move a 5,000 pound equipment you only need 50 pounds of force
    (5000lbs/100= 50lbs of force). Airsled® gives you the possibility of moving a load this heavy with only one person!!! You do not have to sacrifice your productivity anymore.
  •  Some floor surfaces have a limited load rating. This only leaves the option of using a chain hoist or crane, both these options are dangerous and expensive.  The custom designed airbeams reduces the weight of the load by using a simple-in-hindsight example of an automobile that weighs 3,000 pounds with a 100 sq. inches of tire surface in contact with the road, therefore (3,000/100 = 30 psi). 

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No matter how heavy and difficult your load is, give us a call to find out how Airsled® can help you with a load movement system at an affordable price.