Sub-Zero Adapters


Airsled’s SubZero adapters are designed to work with all Standard (9″ W x 36″ L) and XL (9″ W x 39″ L) air beams. The  SubZero adapters ensure that the air beams, when inflated, lift the SubZero refrigerator at the structurally supporting contact points at the base. Directly placing Airsled air beams under non structural contact points of any refrigerator (e.g. toe kick, door/drawer) may result in damage to the appliance as well as surroundings.

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Some Sub-Zero refrigerators do not have frame crossbars in the front and back of their base. This means that Airsled air beams may not have the appropriate solid and structural contact points to lift the appliance. Also, there may be breakable parts in the undercarriage. To ensure safety and prevent damage, any spacers used between the top of the Airsled air beams and the bottom of the appliance must be positioned so they won’t damage the appliance’s undercarriage. Airsled’s Sub-Zero adapter solves this problem  and provides lifting points that bridge the gap between Airsled air beams and the bottom of the appliance.

Safety Precautions
Sub-Zero refrigerators are usually top-heavy and can fall over under certain conditions. Risk of serious injury exists. Push loads slowly. Do not use on ramps or stairs.