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If you deal with heavy objects such as industrial equipment that periodically needs to be moved or repositioned for maintenance, facility reconfiguration or any other reason, Airsled technology can cost-effectively add on-demand mobility to equipment, machinery and installations in your location. We will design air beams that can be permanently placed under your load or moved into position when needed. Our light weight, Work Center Mobility solutions are ideal for production environments, showrooms, manufacturing work cells, machine shops and many other environments that rely on traditional and costly load movement solutions such as rigging, cranes and fork trucks. Airsled has designed Work Center Mobility solutions for loads exceeding 25,000 lbs. To see how Airsled can help you, please use our contact form to describe your load movement challenge and we’ll get back to you promptly.

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Company History

Founded in 1982, Airsled was created to solve problems lifting and moving heavy loads in home, commercial and industrial settings. Since our beginning, we have pioneered low-pressure, air film technology for heavy load mobility and are proud to offer a diverse and innovative portfolio of solutions for customers throughout the world.


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