Standard Airsled Safe Heavy Moving Equipment & Systems

Safe Moving Equipment


Moving a safe can be a challenge not only because of their weight but also because of the valuable and sensitive nature of the contents. Airsled products are the perfect safe moving equipment, moving your safe easily and ensuring that your contents are not disturbed in the process. Our customers use our air moving solutions for gun and fire safes of all types and sizes.

Moving Equipment That Meets Your Needs


Our standard products meet a wide variety of needs from moving heavy machinery to moving a refrigerator. Our air bearing solutions are the finest in the industry, relied-on by hundreds of large and small organizations to easily and safely manage heavy loads. Our standard systems can move most heavy loads up to 1,400 pounds. For larger loads, see our unique custom industrial lifting products.

Moving Heavy Equipment, Industrial Machinery, ATMs and Office Furniture


Our moving equipment is used to move all types of appliances, ATMs, vending machines and many types of equipment, furniture and safes. When it comes to moving machinery, our customers very often require custom solutions. As the only company in the industry to offer low pressure custom industrial lifting solutions, we specialize in meeting these unique needs. Contact us at 1-800-247-7533 x601 to learn more.

Vending Machine, Appliance and Furniture Moving Equipment


Whether you are looking for professional movers equipment, highly customized industrial equipment movers, or something in between, learn more about Airsled heavy load moving solutions here. We have a wide variety of moving equipment & systems for all of your needs, from moving heavy furniture to vending machines, IT equipment, and medical equipment.

Appliance Moving


Our appliance moving equipment will make moving any appliance, from large refrigerators to stoves to washing machines, quick, simple and safe. Airsled has helped organizations of all types – from appliance manufacturers to builders and flooring companies – change the way they move appliances.

Vending Machine Moving


Airsled’s’ vending machine moving equipment provides the most versatile vendor moving solution available. Move any type of vending machine effortlessly. Reduce manpower and prevent injuries.

Same-day Shipping

Our standard products can usually be shipped the same day you order, so with just one call, you’ll be on your way to solving your heavy load lifting needs.