How to Move Sub-Zero®* Refrigerators

Need to move a Sub-Zero refrigerator? Trying to move a Sub-Zero refrigerator and finding it difficult? Let our Airsled model 2014 do the hard work for you. Here are some simple tricks helpful in moving them safely.


Unlike many other refrigerators, some Sub-Zero® appliances do not have frame crossbars in the front and back. This means there is nothing solid for the appliance mover to lift. Further, there are breakable parts underneath. This means that any spacers used between the top of the appliance mover air beams and the bottom of the appliance must be positioned so they won’t damage any of the lines, hoses or wires.


We highly recommend using Airsled’s specially designed Sub-Zero® adapter.


The steel adapters can be used for both installation and removal of appliances. The adapter method described below provides lifting points that bridge the gap between Airsled air beams and the bottom of the appliance.

Steel Adapters for moving Sub-Zero Refrigerators with Airsled.

Steel Adapters: Components


1. Remove front grill.


2. Remove drip pan.


3. Put air beams under appliance from front.

4. Slide adapters under appliance, on top of air beams.


5. Turn adapters so leg is upright.


6. Center adapter along length of air beam.


Note: If leg seems too short, remove adapter, adjust foot and replace adapter.

7. Remove pins at front of adapters.


8. Put block on adapter rail using slot. Block has two slots:
one gives 3-1/4″ height, the other gives 3-1/2″ height.


9. Replace pins.


10. Sub-Zero® may have a recessed tubing cover, which extends down below the rear cabinet base. Adapter legs must not be under the tubing or damage to the light sheet metal cover may occur.

11. Position legs as far back as possible. If tubing cover sticks down in back the leg can be moved forward.

Method Without Using an Airsled Sub-Zero® Adapter




Use a set of 8-10 wooden blocks depending on the load weight. These are made from 2×4’s (actual dimensions: 1-1/2″ thick by 3-1/2″ wide), cut 3-1/4″ long. Spacers can then (how to use/instructions for use – Sub-Zero®) be easily adjusted to the following: (a) 3″ high, by laying two blocks flat, one on top of the other; (b) 3-1/4″ high, by standing them on their cut sides; or (c) 3-1/2″ high, by standing them up on their sides. Using two 1-1/2″ blocks makes it easier for block placement and removal.


Because most movement of Sub-Zero® appliances takes place during installation, both the front and back of the appliance are accessible.


Follow these steps:


1. Remove the two screws holding the base cover in place. Remove the cover and the drip pan.


2. Put the air beams under the appliance.


3. In the back, put two spacer blocks on each air beam, under the appliance. MAKE SURE THAT THERE IS NO BREAKABLE PART OVER ANY BLOCK! In some cases you might need to use only one block (on end, 3-1/4″ or 3-1/2″ high) to avoid crushing lines or other parts.


4. In the front, put two spacer blocks on each air beam, under the appliance, up against (BUT NOT UNDER) the drip pan strip. The metal strip that holds the drip pan in place is not strong enough to support the load and it will be damaged if the spacers are put underneath it. The front spacers must be under the cabinet that sticks out in front of the drip pan strip. If they are too far forward, they will pick up the appliance by the door, causing possible damage or misalignment.


5. Connect hoses and turn on blower. If air beams are flush with the rear of the appliance (for placement flush against wall), step on the front of the air beams to keep the appliance from tilting back.


6. Don’t push high up on the appliance. Pushing lower gives better movement and helps keep the appliance from tilting back.


7. When done, turn off the blower. Remove the air beams. A piece of stiff wire or thin stick will be helpful in removing blocks from under the appliance. If the appliance is already in position, and needs to be moved out, put in the blocks first. Because of the low clearance, this will be tricky. Again, make sure blocks are not under breakable parts.

Safety Precautions

DANGER! Sub-Zero® appliances are usually top-heavy, and can fall over under certain conditions. Risk of serious injury exists. Push loads slowly. Do not use on ramps or stairs.


CAUTION: Use of spacers other than as suggested here may cause damage to appliance.


CAUTION: Move appliance slowly and carefully to avoid accidental damage to surroundings.


If you have questions about moving Sub-Zero refrigerators, or any other function of the Airsled, please contact us.


* Sub-Zero® is a Registered Trademark of the Sub-Zero® Company. Use of this name for identification purposes only, and does not imply any endorsement of Airsled® appliance movers by the Sub-Zero® Company.