Using Airsled's Spacer System

Airsled’s spacer moving system is perfect if you need shed moving equipment. It also works great for vending machines and other heavy equipment. This spacer system is designed to facilitate the movement of vending machines on high legs using the SodaFloat® or similar model. Spacers are adjustable for machine leg heights from 4 to 7 inches.


Two sizes of spacers are offered. A 36″ long set is used with the standard 12″x39″ SodaFloat® air beams. A 44″ long set is used with the 9″ x 48″ air beams for moving a vending machine from the side. The 44″ spacers can be used with either size air beam. The pacer system consists of 6 short pieces and 4 long pieces.


36″ Spacers with 12″ x 39″ air beams.

Set Up

The notch increments on the spacers need to face the same way. Long spacer notches should line up with the other long spacer notches, short spacer notches with the other short spacer notches.

Adjustable Spacers

Adjustable Spacers

Lay out the three short pieces. Insert the notches in one long piece with notches down into the notches in the three short pieces with notches up. The notches used on the long and short spacers should all be the same depth. Actual spacer height is not important at this stage since it can be adjusted later. After the first long spacer is in place, the second one can be added.


When moving assembled spacers, hold by the two long spacers, squeezing them together. This will keep them from coming apart during movement.


Spacer height should be adjusted as high as possible while still allowing the spacers and air beams to slide under the vending machine. Both long spacers should be the same height. Move one spacer at a time so the short spacers stay in position during adjustment.


Proper spacer height will quickly become obvious and can easily be adjusted when setting up the spacers next to the vending machine. The following illustration shows how to match up the notches for a low and high setting.

Place one set of spacers on top of each air beam and slide them under the vending machine. If there is not enough clearance under the frame, set the spacers down to the next lower position.


Turn on the SodaFloat® system and move the vendor. If lift is not sufficient, you may need to adjust the spacers to a higher position.