Parts and Accessories

Airsled has a complete inventory of parts for air beams, blowers, blower-vacuums, hoses and fittings. In most cases we even have parts for outdated models.

We supply accessories like the Sub-Zero® adapters, rough carpet adapters, longer hoses, vacuum attachments, blower & air beam bags and spacers for vending machines on legs.

Sub-Zero Adapter kit. Model 2315. Price: $218.00


Need to move a Sub-Zero refrigerator in a Lean fashion?
Our Airsled model 2014 is an ideal Sub-Zero refrigerator mover. Unlike many other refrigerators, some Sub-Zero® appliances do not have frame crossbars in the front and back. This means there is nothing solid for the appliance mover to lift. Further, there are breakable parts underneath. This means that any spacers used between the top of the appliance mover air beams and the bottom of the appliance must be positioned so they won’t damage any of the lines, hoses or wires.


We highly recommend using Airsled’s specially designed Sub-Zero® adapter.The steel adapters can be used for both installation and removal of appliances. The adapter method provides lifting points that bridge the gap between Airsled air beams and the bottom of the appliance. Helping to prevent damage and time waste.


DANGER! Sub-Zero® appliances are usually top-heavy, and can fall over under certain conditions. Risk of serious injury exists. Push loads slowly. Do not use on ramps or stairs.
CAUTION: Use of spacers other than as suggested here may cause damage to appliance.
CAUTION: Move appliance slowly and carefully to avoid ac-cidental damage to surroundings.

Spacer Systems: Model 2325. Price: $130.00. & Model 2323. Price $140.00


Moving vending machines, high leg appliances, sheds and heavy equipment is easier with Airsled.The spacer systems are designed to facilitate the movement of vending machines and appliances on high legs using any of our Machinery Moving Equipment or Vending Machine Movers. Spacers are adjustable for machine leg heights from 4 to 7 inches.

Two sizes of spacers are offered:

  • A 36 in. long set is used with the standard 12 in. x 39 in., 10 in.  x 39 in. and with the 9 in. x 36 in. air beams.
  • A 44in.  long set is used with the 9 in. x 48 in. air beams for moving a vending machine from the side. The 44 in. spacers can be used with any Vending Machine Mover size air beam.