Airsled equipment has a long service life. Under reasonable use and care, many customers are still using their Airsled load movement equipment after 15 years.


If you choose to repair the system in the field, test the equipment carefully to make sure it is working correctly. We cannot accept any liability for poor performance or any other result due to self-repairs.


After many years of heavy use the blower brushes may need to be replaced.


Older blowers may leak air resulting in loss of lifting capacity. A loud squealing noise indicates the fan is rubbing, this is usually caused by dropping the unit.


Blowers can be sent to us for repair or parts can be sent to you with instructions for do-it-yourself repair. In some cases with older blowers a new blower may be recommended to upgrade the system.

Emergency Repair

If you need to start or complete a job you can try an emergency repair. Use alcohol or detergent and water to clean any oil or silicon from the area to be patched. Apply a thin layer of contact cement to the area to be patched. Allow time for cement to dry. After the area is thoroughly dry, cover the rip and surrounding area with 1″ wide duct tape.



Inlet Fitting

If the inlet fitting gets damaged, we can furnish replacement kits with installation instructions.

Punctured Hoses

Order new hoses from Airsled and we will ship them out the same day.

Rips or Tears in the Fabric

Although the fabric is very strong, occasionally a rip or tear will occur due to rough handling. If the fabric gets caught on something sharp on the floor or under the load, avoid forcing the air beams by pulling or pushing them across the object. This could cause a rip or tear to the fabric.


If you do get a rip or tear, send the air beams to Airsled to replace the fabric.