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Airsled is the worldwide leader in design, production and sales of portable, low-pressure air film technology and air bearing products. This technology has revolutionized heavy load handling, making tasks such as moving appliances and moving heavy machinery easier and safer than they have ever been before.


The secret is placing and keeping a micro-thin cushion of air under the load to then move it almost effortlessly. A heavy load can be moved by a force equal to just 1% of its weight. A small child can easily and safely move a 500 pound load around the room using just one finger.

• Moving Vending Machines
• Moving Appliances
• Moving Heavy Loads
• Lifting Heavy Equipment

The Airsled Load Movement Systems can solve your trickiest moving problems, boost productivity, reduce cost, and improve employee morale…’s simply amazing.


Effortless movement is hard to believe, but seeing is believing. Over 600,000 Airsled systems are in use today by plant engineers, maintenance personnel, remodelers, appliance and vending installers and technicians. Join the MOVEMENT today!