Airsled loves providing load movement solutions for the flooring industry. Every office and home requires flooring and it is a huge industry in our country. Many Americans pay upwards of hundreds, and even thousands of dollars, for the perfect flooring in their homes or office. But how do flooring professionals protect themselves and their customers from damage to their expensive new floors? With Airsled systems!

One of the largest challenges is moving those big, beautiful appliances in the kitchen without damaging newly installed floors. Customers are not investing in flooring just to have to have it scratched up by an 800 lb refrigerator. Luckily, many companies around the country have figured out the safest, most efficient method of moving large loads around a house or business: an Airsled!

Airsled systems move appliances and other heavy loads on air. This not only protects the new floors and the appliances being moved, it prevents employee injuries. No business owner wants to worry about damage to a new installation or the customer’s property. Airsled lifts heavy appliances with ease to the delight of professionals and customers alike.

One of Airsled’s long term customers in Rock Springs, WY understands the importance of these systems; Airsled has helped his business become successful, and kept his employees safe. In January, 2014, Mark Hinson of the Paradise Flooring Company purchased one of our newer systems, the EMA10-39, which has a lift capacity of 1,100 lbs. Over the last decade, some high end appliances have become extremely heavy and difficult to move but the EMA10-39 is able to lift these appliances with ease, making moving and adjustments as simple as a small push. The Airsled system is able to glide the appliances on air across the newly installed flooring without any damage!

Hinson was so excited about ordering this newer product, he mentioned to our business director, “this may sound like a Subaru commercial, but I really love good tools, and I have a lot of them. Your tool is the best one I ever bought”. All jokes aside, Hinson is not alone in his love of the Airsled systems. The home improvement industry is one of many industries worldwide that utilize Airsled systems in situations where appliances or other heavy loads need to be moved from one location to another. Airsled solves many moving problems without damage to the load, the floor, or the technician. Airsled receives a great deal of positive feedback from customers, and Hinson’s quote is one that will be remembered.