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Airsled system being used to move a 5,000 pound shipping container

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Airsled has been delivering innovative load movement solutions using its low-pressure, air film technology since 1982. The list of unique mobility challenges that we’ve solved is impossible to count and we’ve designed systems to move loads weighing more than 25,000 lbs. (12.5 tons). One thing we’ve learned from years of customer feedback is that our solutions are frequently more effective, economical and safe than the other options that were evaluated. Common load movement challenges such as equipment access, cramped spaces, flooring damage, and tight overheard clearances are easily conquered with Airsled. We know you have many choices to solve your load movement needs but are confident that Airsled can design the right mobility solution for you. To see how Airsled can help you, please use our contact form to describe your load movement challenge and someone will get back to you promptly.


Airsled System Used to Move 5,000 lb Shipping Container

Moving Commercial Refrigeration Equipment with a Heavy Moving Equipment Airsled

Airsled solution rated to lift a 12,500 lb. art exhibit in a museum

Solving unique load movement challenges with Airsled

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