3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Movers

3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Movers
Equipment & Solutions

Airsled’s 3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Movers have a wide range of applications. Unlike the Appliance and Vending Movers, the 3-IN-1 systems come with three air beams and much longer hoses and can lift much heavier loads. They also include connectors that allow you to convert them from a triple to a dual to even a single air beam system. This flexibility and versatility greatly expands the performance of your Airsled solution. The 3-IN-1 Movers especially excel when dealing with loads that have unusual footprints and weight distributions. Having three air beams gives you even greater control to determine the right contact points to effectively lift and move the load. 

Understanding Key Options: Variable Speed Control and Vacuum Cleaner Capability

Airsled’s 3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose movers can be optioned with with Variable Speed control, Vacuum Cleaner capability, or both. For tight installations where overhead clearance due to shelving or decorative trim is less than 1″, a Variable Speed model has a dial that lets you gradually increase airflow into the air beams for total control making is less likely that a tightly installed piece of equipment will get wedged in place by the lifting action of your Airsled. If you don’t want to carry an extra vacuum cleaner to the job site, a model that can double as a vacuum cleaner is right for you. View our 3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose movers below and click on the products for more information.