Airsled Equipment Has

A Long Service Life

Airsled Repairs

Airsled equipment has a long service life. Under reasonable use and care, many customers are still using their Airsled load movement equipment after 15 years. However, running into and over sharp objects may cause rips in the rubber fabric leading to air leakage which may impact performance. In these cases, we recommend returning both air beams to be refurbished. Please see  more details in the Refurbishment section.  

If you choose to repair the system in the field, test the equipment carefully to make sure it is working correctly. We cannot accept any liability for poor performance or any other result due to self-repairs. Airsled end-users have found that using duct tape to temporarily seal small rips in the rubber fabric can provide acceptable results. This repair approach should only be used in temporarily and in emergency situations. Larger tears may not be suitable for this approach and using your Airsled system is not recommended. If you notice any rips in your air beams, they should be properly refurbished by Airsled. 

Airsled Refurbishment

All Airsled products are made in America using the highest quality, US-sourced materials. This contributes to the dependable performance and longevity of our solutions. However, wear and tear over time can take a toll and for this reason, Airsled offers a refurbishment program.

Parts such as hoses, inlets, and connectors can be purchased directly from our online store since refurbishment is impractical. Due to safety and regulatory considerations, Airsled cannot refurbish the blowers. Our refurbishment program focuses on our aluminum air beams and involves fully reconditioning your air beams to as-new condition by (1) completely stripping and sanding the aluminum, (2) fully replacing the perforated rubber fabric, (3) installing new inlets, and (4) performing a Quality test before returning to the owner. See our pricing table for aluminum air beam refurbishment. We also refurbish wood-based air beams so please contact us for pricing.

You will never have extended downtime. Simply contact us by phone or email to arrange your refurbishment. We will send you replacement air beams right away and you can use the shipping box to return your damaged one(s) to Airsled.

Air Beam Size Quantity Refurbishment Price
12 x 30 x 1/8 1 $144.99
7 x 36 x 1/8 2 $229.99
9 x 36 x 1/8 2 $259.99
9 x 39 x 1/8 2 $284.99
12 x 39 x 3/16 2 $319.99
10 x 48 x 3/16 2 $329.99
12 x 39 x 3/16 3 $479.99
Air Beam 12 x 30 x 1/8 Qty 1 Price $144.99
Air Beam 9 x 36 x 1/8 Qty 2 Price $259.99
Air Beam 9 x 39 x 1/8 Qty 2 Price $284.99
Air Beam 12 x 39 x 3/16 Qty 2 Price $319.99
Air Beam 10 x 48 x 3/16 Qty 2 Price $329.99
Air Beam 12 x 39 x 3/16 Qty 3 Price $479.99


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