Care & Maintenance

The durability of the air beams’ slip surface depends on proper use. To obtain the maximum service life from your Airsled heavy load moving system, observe the following practices.


  • Always make sure there is at least 1/2 inch clearance on all sides between the floor and the bottom of the backing surface when the air beams are inflated.
  • Avoid “rolling” the air beams onto a corner or edge. A slight downward pressure on the side being pushed will prevent it.
  • Avoid sharp edges, nails, gravel and corrosives on the floor surface. Floors should be broom clean.
  • Do not turn off the blower unless movement is completely stopped. Avoid accidental disconnection of the power cord or air hose.
  • Do not attempt to push the load when the blower is turned off.
  • Do not use the hoses or power cord to pull the load.


Ease of movement and service life can be increased by applying a silicone based protectant such as Armor All® to the slip surface from time to time. Armor All® is available at most hardware stores. Just follow the manufacturers instructions for application. If the air beams are secured to the load, spray the protectant onto a sheet of plastic film, turn the blowers on and move the load across it several times.