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Discover a wide selection of premium air movers designed to effortlessly handle heavy loads, including appliances and vending machines, with precision and ease.

Appliance Movers

Find the perfect appliance mover for your needs, whether you’re moving small appliances or heavy-duty equipment. Explore our range of movers with various lift capacities to suit any task.

Appliance Dolly

The 450 lb. rated Airsled Appliance Dolly is a specialty tool designed to support wall ovens and stacked dryers during servicing activities.


Experience unparalleled convenience with the Airsled LiftCart®, a portable, electric scissor lift mechanism designed to safely lift, lower, and support objects up to 400 lbs. Inspired by the challenges of solo technicians, it reduces injury risks when working with heavy appliances like wall ovens and cabinetry. Choose from two models and explore accessories for enhanced capabilities.

LiftCart Accessories

Enhance the functionality of your LiftCart with our range of accessories, including base extensions and top additions, designed to customize your LiftCart to meet your specific needs.

Vending Movers

Efficiently transport vending machines of all sizes with our specialized movers, featuring sturdy construction and high lift capacities to ensure secure and hassle-free moving.

3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Movers

Discover versatile 3-in-1 multi-purpose movers equipped with vacuum capability, designed to handle a wide range of moving tasks, from appliances to heavy equipment, with ease and efficiency.


For the most demanding moving tasks, choose our XTREME movers with industry-leading lift capacities, robust construction, and advanced features to tackle even the toughest challenges.

Appliance Dolly Accessories

Enhance safety and performance with these Airsled Appliance Dolly accessories.

Accessory Spacers

Optimize the lifting height and stability of your appliances with our accessory spacer kits, available in different sizes and configurations to accommodate various appliance types.

Other Accessories

The Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit, specifically designed for safe and easy removal of heavy stacked dryers. Compatible with any TALL AllDolly, this kit is equipped with safety features to ensure a smooth moving process. With a weight capacity of 400 lbs. and a folding design for space efficiency, it’s the ideal solution for your appliance-moving needs.

Accessory Hoses

Ensure optimal airflow and performance with our selection of accessory hoses, available in different lengths and configurations to meet your specific appliance-moving needs.