We Proudly stand behind
our products and beside our customers

Heavy load movement is easier with Airsled and we strive to produce the best moving equipment on the market. Because we believe in the quality of our work, we offer a warranty on all of our standard and custom moving solutions. Every system we ship is guaranteed to lift the load as specified!

Standard Products

Airsled offers a 30-day money-back satisfaction guarantee for all standard products that are returned without damage due to negligence, misuse, or modification. Standard products include all Appliance, Vending, and 3-IN-1 Multi-Purpose Movers. If products are returned within the 30-day period with visible signs of heavy usage and/or damage, Airsled reserves the right to withhold 25% of the purchase price to cover repair and refurbishment costs. Airsled also offers a one-year limited warranty for parts and labor on all standard systems. The customer will be responsible for product return shipping charges. Internal components of the blower cannot be repaired due to safety issues.

Custom Products

Custom systems are guaranteed to lift the equipment they were designed to move on smooth level floors. If the system does not lift the load due to faulty parts or design, Airsled will replace, repair or redesign the system as needed to ensure functionality. If the system does not lift the load due to incorrect or missing information from the customer, Airsled will redesign or adapt the design. We will, whenever possible, do this at a minimal cost.


Let Airsled Help
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We’ll work with you to find the right tools for moving heavy equipment or any other heavy load quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Contact us to find the perfect Airsled solution for your upcoming project.