Partnerships & Alliances

Strength Through Collaboration

Airsled is committed to developing business partnerships and alliances with leading companies and organizations to expand awareness of Airsled products, their proper use, and their benefits. These collaborations also serve as a vital feedback loops to help Airsled understand how to better serve its customers and partners through product enhancements and training. Learn more about these relationships below.

Airsled proudly supports training facilities, educational organizations, and industry trade associations by donating Airsled products, offering access to its technical expertise, and extending other benefits. Here are just some of the partners we work with.

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Airsled partners with leading appliance manufacturers to offer pricing programs and promotions that improve access and avaiablity of Airsled products to their network of authorized servicers, installers and technicians. See below for more information.

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Airsled works with GE Appliances to supply their field technicians with Airsled products by offering special pricing and directly dropshipping items to locations specified by GE Appliances. To see how Airsled can partner with your organization, contact us at or call 800-AIRSLED.

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Authorized installers and servicers in the US of Lacanche are eligible for significant savings when they purchase either an AM2400-VS or AM2401-VS appliance mover, which are the Airsled models Lacanche USA recommends for use during installation and/or service of their ranges. The savings will consist of (1) an Airsled discount off the purchase price, (2) a free set of 32″ spacer sticks (SKU AC32SS), and (3) a rebate from Lacanche USA with valid proof of purchase of the recommended Airsled system. For more information about this program, please email us at or call 800-AIRSLED.