Heavy Load Movement

Airsled Solutions
Advantages and Benefits

Airsled’s unique and innovative approach to load movement offers many advantages over other products and technologies commonly used to move heavy objects. Airsled advantages and benefits include:

Airsled is cost-effective

Cost Effective

Airsled solutions are often more economical than traditional load movement systems

Airsled reduces costs by reducing manpower

Reduce Manpower

Airsled can reduce manpower requirements and associated resource costs to move heavy loads

Airsled prevents damage to floors

Prevent Damage

Airsled systems prevent potentially costly damage to floors

Airsled reduces physical strain and injury

Reduce Risk of Injury

Reduce physical stress and strain that may cause employee injury

Airsled moves heavy loads easily

Move Heavy Loads

Move heavy loads easily with a force of just 1% of load weight

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Slides over cracks

Slide over cracks and gaps as large as 3/4″ wide

Airsled glides into tight spaces

Tight Spaces

Glide right into and through tight spaces safely and confidently

Airsled in fully portable

Fully Portable

Airsled solutions are light-weight, highly portable with very quick setup

Airsled can fit under most loads

Fits Everywhere

Can fit under most loads (standard systems are only 1/8″ or 3/16″ thick)

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Simple to Use

Just hook it up, slide it under, and flip the switch!


Let Airsled Help
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We’ll work with you to find the right tools for moving heavy equipment or any other heavy load quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Contact us to find the perfect Airsled solution for your upcoming project.