XTreme Movers


Industrial Lifting Equipment & Solutions

Airsled’s XTREME Movers offer robust lifting capabilities with ratings of 3,600 lbs. or 4,200 lbs. These models excel in providing industrial-level lifting performance while maintaining the ease of use capabilities of any Airsled “Mover” system. Powered by Airsled’s high-output, 8HP blower and equipped with heavy-duty hoses and camlock connections, our XTREME Movers redefine the standards for powerful yet user-friendly industrial lifting equipment.

Navigating the selection process is made simple with Airsled’s commitment to customer satisfaction. If you’re unsure about which XTREME Mover model aligns with your project requirements, send us an inquiry. Our dedicated product experts respond promptly, offering personalized guidance and support for your lifting needs.