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Genuine Airsled products can be rented through an authorized network of rental outlets. Use your location in the search below to locate the nearest Airsled rental outlet. If your local rental outlet does not carry Airsled products, tell them to contact us at and we’ll work to add them to our network of authorized rental partners.

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Why does Airsled have over a million views across various content and social media platforms (just check #airsled on TikTok)? Because all sorts of people discover our innovative products while searching for load movement solutions to everyday problems. Their discovery leads to Airsled routinely receiving inquiries from DIYers, contractors, professionals, and homeowners about renting our products. If you rent tools and equipment, then Airsled products should be part of your offering. Not only is there rental demand for Airsled products, but Airsled offers many other benefits to its authorized rental partners including a reseller program. Learn more about Airsled by watching tutorial videos on our YouTube channel.

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For general questions, customer service, or to place and order, call:
800-AIRSLED (800-247-7533)

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For technical questions, distributors, or custom sales, call:
800-AIRSLED (800-247-7533)


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We’ll work with you to find the right tools for moving heavy equipment or any other heavy load quickly, safely and cost-effectively. Contact us to find the perfect Airsled solution for your upcoming project.