All Airsled systems can be optioned to have Dual Speed performance. This video demonstrates why the dual-speed option makes Airsled systems even better and safer than the single-speed versions that are controlled by an ON/OFF toggle switch. You can always learn more about Airsled products at

With a toggle ON/OFF switch, the Airsled air beams will inflate immediately. Due to the system’s lifting action, items being moved from tight installations with limited overhead clearance can get wedged into place. There is also the risk of damage to overhead cabinetry and countertops by the lifting action. 

With Dual Speed performance, you can use either the “HI” or “LO” setting to control airflow. The “LO” setting delivers only 50% power which can be safer in tight installations. You will still achieve the same load movement capabilities Airsled is famous for, only better with Dual Speed performance!