44 inch Adjustable Spacers (set of 2)


Many loads such as vending machines and oven ranges sit on high legs and cannot be lifted without a spacer bridging the gap between the top of the air beam and the bottom of the load. Constructed from super strong HDPE, Airsled’s adjustable spacer systems are specifically designed to solve this problem. The spacer system can be adjusted to cover a height from 4 to 7 inches off the floor. The 44 inch adjustable spacer system is intended for the 10″ W x 48″ L side access air beams.

Note: Attempting to use the 36 inch adjustable spacers with the 10″ W x 48″ L side access air beams is not recommended due to safety and performance issues.

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The Airsled spacer systems are designed to facilitate the movement of vending machines, appliances and many other loads that sit on high legs. The spacers are adjustable for leg heights from 4 to 7 inches.

Two sizes of Airsled spacers are offered:

  • A 36″ long set is compatible with 9″ W x 36″ L, 9″ W x 39″ L and 12″ W x 39″ L air beams.
  • A 44″ long set is used with the 10″ W x 48″ L air beams.


Using Airsled’s adjustable spacers to move a vending machine on high legs