44 inch Spacer Sticks (set of 6)


Constructed of highly durable HDPE, the 44 inch spacer sticks provide an additional 1/2 inch thickness to help close the gap between the top of the air beam and bottom of the load being moved. The 44 inch spacer sticks are compatible with Airsled’s 10″ W x 48″ L  Vending Mover air beam for side access.

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In some situations, items sit on small legs or adjustable feet that elevate the load just high enough to prevent the air beams from making optimal contact with the load’s base once they are inflated. When this occurs, performance of your Airsled system may be impacted and the load may not be lifted adequately. To solve this problem, Airsled offers 44 inch spacer sticks. These spacer are laid on top of the air beams and provide an additional 1/2″ thickness to bridge the gap between the air beam and the load’s base. The 44 inch spacer sticks specifically designed for Airsled’s 10″ W x 48″ L Vending Mover side access air beams.  

For loads that sit on legs and are elevated 4-7 inches from the floor, please check out the Airsled adjustable spacer systems. 

  • Set includes four spacer sticks constructed of highly durable HDPE
  • Each spacer stick measures 44″ L x 2″ W x 1/2″ T