Appliance Dolly Lock Bar


Add additional safety to your Airsled Appliance Dolly with the lock bar, which can prevent the dolly’s pivoting legs from accidentally swinging open during use.

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Working with large, heavy appliances, especially in tight spaces can be risky and things may get inadvertently bumped. Though the Airsled Appliance Dolly is designed to safely support loads up to 450 lbs., its pivoting legs can be accidentally jostled potentially causing them to swing open. If this happens, the load (e.g., double wall oven), may fall to the ground. The Appliance Dolly lock bar as its name suggests "locks" the pivoting legs into position when using the dolly to prevent the legs from swinging open. The lock bar attaches to the dolly's two clevis pins and is secured by the dolly's cotter pins. Add an extra layer of confidence and security with the lock bar designed exclusively for the Airsled Appliance Dolly. NOTE: The lock bar is not designed to support or carry any weight. 

The Airsled Appliance Dolly lock bar is constructed from high-grade aluminum and is 28″L x 1″W x 3/8″T weighing only 0.5 lbs.


How to Use the Optional Airsled Appliance Dolly Lock Bar