Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit (for use with a TALL AllDolly)


Airsled’s Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit, when used with your Airsled system and a TALL AllDolly, makes removing heavy stacked dryers safe and easy. The kit is specially designed for compatibility with any Tall AllDolly and has safety features to ensure a problem-free move. The kit is rated to support 400 lbs. when used correctly and has a folding design to minimize space requirements when not in use. NOTE: The carrying bag (item PA30BG) is NOT included and sold separately. The TALL AllDolly is NOT included and can only be purchased directly from the AllDolly company (, NOT Airsled. 

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Airsled Appliance Movers are known to move stacked laundry equipment with ease. However, the removal of the stacked dryer to access a washing machine’s top can be difficult and dangerous especially when attempted by a single person without any assistance. Modern, higher capacity dryers can weigh up to 160 lbs. making them incredibly risky to remove. If you own an Airsled system and a TALL AllDolly, the Airsled Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit is the ideal solution for making the removal of heavy, stacked dryers safe and easy. The kit’s features, such as the clamps, locking screws, stopper, and minimal footprint, are designed with user safety and convenience in mind. Watch the video below to see just how simple and effective the kit is to remove a stacked dryer.

The Airsled Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit includes:

  • Hinged shelf constructed from durable, 1/2″ thick HDPE. Shelf is 14″x31″ when folded, 28″x31″ when closed.
  • Two safety clamps to secure shelf to TALL AllDolly (sold separately)
  • Two locking screws that must be used to prevent the AllDolly legs from swinging open which could lead to the load falling. Each AllDolly comes with two locking screws but the Airsled kit includes a set as well.
  • A safety stopper with three settings to prevent the dryer from being pulled too far forward
  • Two pins that secure the safety stopper into the shelf
  • Kit weighs approximately 11 lbs.
  • User Instructions for Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit


Airsled Stacked Dryer Shelf Kit

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