Variable Speed Upgrade Kit for Models Without Vacuum Capability


Upgrade your Single or Dual Speed Airsled system to more advanced and safer Variable Speed performance. This upgrade kit (PA00UK) is for Airsled systems that DO NOT have vacuum cleaner capability.

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If you have a single or dual-speed Airsled system, you can easily upgrade it to variable speed performance. Variable speed gives you advanced control and safety in situations with tight, overhead clearance. With variable speed performance, you control how much air flows into the air beams allowing you to gradually raise and/or lower the load you are trying to move. You’ll still have the same load movement capabilities Airsled is famous but made even better and safer with variable speed performance. The video below takes you through the simple procedure to easily perform the upgrade.

  • The kit consists of the following components:
    • Blower end-cap with dial to control airflow
    • Rubber gasket to replace the existing one if needed
    • Two wire nuts
    • Two zip ties to secure loose wires


Variable Speed Overview

Procedure to Upgrade Systems With Vacuum Capability

Procedure to Upgrade Systems Without Vacuum Capability