XL 36 inch Hose Set


The XL 36 inch hose set significantly increases the air beam spread of your Airsled system. Standard 16″ hoses have a maximum air beam spread of 30 inches while the XL 36 inch hoses increase that to 70 inches. This increased air beam spread allows you to move much wider loads more effectively with improved stability.

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Airsled’s XL 36″ hoses are intended to increase the range and flexibility of your Airsled system. They double the maximum spread of your system’s air beams from 30 inches to 70 inches. While standard 16″ hoses are suitable for loads with relatively narrow widths such as appliances and vending machines, wider loads can be more difficult to move because load stability may decrease. By placing the air beams closer to the load’s outer edges, stability during load movement increases. The XL 36″ hoses give you the ability to place the air beam closer to the load’s edges to achieve more optimal Airsled performance.