XTREME Mover 3848

4,200 lb lift capacity


Airsled’s XTREME Movers offer tremendous lift capacity yet are highly portable and incredibly easy to assemble and use. This model comes with three 10″W x 48″L air beams and Airsled’s highest capacity, 8HP blower to deliver 4,200 lbs. of lifting capacity.

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Airsled XTREME Movers are designed for maximum performance and are ideal for many industrial applications where more expensive, high-pressure air-bearing solutions are common. Unlike high-pressure systems, our XTREME Movers easily travel over flooring cracks and gaps that typically impact the required "constant seal" between the floor and the air-bearing for high-pressure systems to perform properly. This feature of ALL Airsled systems makes our solutions far more flexible and forgiving than high-pressure systems when dealing with less-than-ideal flooring surface conditions. All XTREME Movers can be configured with longer hoses if necessary and our engineers can design and customize an Airsled system to meet your specific objectives.

As with all Airsled systems, users may need to reposition the air beams several times to determine the best lifting points (or “sweet spot”) to lift and move the desired load. If you’re not sure if this solution will meet your specific requirements, please contact Airsled and we’ll help you make the right choice.

The XTREME Mover Model 2839 includes:

  • Three 10” W x 48” L x 3/16” T air beams made from high-grade US aluminum
  • 8HP / 120 volt / 19 amp dual-motor blower
  • Three 72″ long, heavy-duty hoses with cam-lock fittings for a 140″ wide air beam spread
  • Heavy-duty 4-way connector
  • Heavy-duty 3-way connector for this system to be configured as a 4,200 lb. rated, dual air beam solution (see model XM2848)
  • Carrying bag for your Airsled blower and air beams
  • Total weight approximately 65 lbs.


Airsled XTREME Movers Overview