Airsled LiftCart PRO Bundle

Bundle the Airsled LiftCart + key accessories to save 10%

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The ASLC400-PRO bundle combines Airsled’s 400-lb. rated LiftCart S (ASLC-400), the LiftCart 10″ height extension kit, and the LiftCart 30″ x 30″ XL top to give you a complete solution to support and/or move a wide variety of elevated loads such as single/double wall ovens, stacked dryers, side x side laundry equipment on platforms, and range hoods just to name a few. These highly portable Airsled products are designed to make appliance servicing, especially for solo appliance service technicians, easier, faster, and safer. Bundling all three items simplifies the decision-making process AND helps you save 10%. More details in the Product Description.

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Airsled gives you maximum options and solutions to support and move elevated loads such as appliances that are installed off the floor, including wall ovens, stacked dryers, and range hoods just to name a few. The ASLC400-PRO bundle combines our industry-leading, 400-lb. rated electric scissor lift (LiftCart model ASLC-400) and two key accessories favored by countless professionals, such as appliance servicers/installers, building contractors, and kitchen & bath renovation specialists who routinely handle elevated appliances during service, repair, and installation. The unmatched, mechanized power of the LiftCart ASLC-400 coupled with the performance expanding and enhancing 10" height extension kit and XL top make countless appliance servicing and installation jobs easier, safer, and potentially more economical by requiring fewer resources to perform the task(s) safely.

The ASLC400-PRO Bundle includes:

The ASLC400-PRO Bundle includes:

  • The complete Airsled LiftCart S (ASLC-400)
  • LiftCart 10″ height extension kit
  • LiftCart 30″ x 30″ XL top
  • This bundle ships in three boxes


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