Airsled LiftCart™ S model ASLC-400

400 lb lift capacity


The Airsled LiftCart™ S model ASLC-400 can lift, lower, and support loads weighing up to 400 lbs. With its 19.75″ x 30″ work surface, compact design, and nearly 32″ height when extended, LiftCart™ S model ASLC-400 is the ideal solution to help safely manage elevated loads during installation, service, and maintenance activities.

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Airsled's LiftCart™ S model ASLC-400 is designed to give you the power and confidence to safely work on elevated loads (such as wall ovens) by providing a highly mobile and portable scissor lift table that can raise, lower and support loads weighing up to 400 lbs. With the unit's wired hand controller, you can adjust and precisely fine-tune the LiftCart S' height extension from 9" when closed to nearly 32" when fully open and castor wheels installed. The LiftCart S can also be used as a general work surface or hobby table for situations where having the ability to raise and lower a load greatly enhances the situation.

The LiftCart S comes with features such as a grab handle, integrated table-top safety rails to ensure loads don't slip off the edge, a cradle/wire management system for the electrical components, wing-nut fasteners to easily remove or secure the table-top and included caster wheels depending on the application, and the unparalleled support and customer service of Airsled.

Designed by Airsled engineers and extensively tested to verify performance, the Airsled LiftCart S is an ideal complement to Airsled's air-powered "Mover" systems trusted by countless professionals and DIYers to move heavy objects that rest directly on the floor.

The Airsled LiftCart S model ASLC-400 includes:

  • HDPE work surface measuring 19.75″ x 30″ with integrated safety rails
  • Fully powder-coated steel frame
  • Four, non-marking, double caster wheels with brakes
  • Wired hand controller, power box, and 120v Linak actuator
  • Custom key to open the power box’s security prongs
  • Nylon carrying bag for the LiftCart’s parts (e.g. caster wheels, controller, power box, etc.)
  • Cradle and wire management system for the power box and wiring
  • Total weight approximately 58 lbs. (without castor wheels installed)
  • Owner’s Manual for Airsled LiftCart


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