Spacer Kit for Appliances on Legs


Airsled’s Spacer Kit for Raised Appliances is designed to work with all dual air beam systems and is meant to close gaps from 2.5″ – 4″ for appliances and other loads sitting on legs (e.g. Wolf & Viking Ranges, Sub-Zero refrigerators). When using the kit, ensure the spacer blocks are placed under weight-bearing contact points to prevent equipment damage. Please refer to the user instruction guide to determine if this kit will be suitable for the appliance or item you are attempting to move. NOTE: The carrying bag (accessory item AC32BG) is not included and sold separately.

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For appliances and other loads that sit on raised legs, spacers may be required when using your Airsled system. Airsled’s Appliance Spacer Kit is designed for gaps that range from 2.5-4” caused by appliances sitting on legs such as Wolf and Viking ranges and even Sub-Zero refrigerators. The kit includes spacer blocks that can be set at 2”, 2.5″, 3” and 3.5” heights. To use the spacers, determine which setting gets the spacer block closest to the appliance’s base (note: final gap should be ½” or less) and position the blocks under weight-bearing contact points. Avoid placing the spacer blocks under trim features and other bendable, non-weight bearing points to prevent equipment damage. If the appliance is raised by more than 4”, consider Airsled’s 36” adjustable spacer kit as a possible solution. Accessory item AC32BG is the corresponding carrying bag for this kit, which is not included and sold separately. Safety Precautions Tall, top-heavy items such as Sub-Zero refrigerators require extra caution when moving with an Airsled system. The risk of serious injury exists. Push/pull loads slowly and from the center to prevent tilting. Do not use on ramps or stairs.

  • Two 32″ long guide rails made of metal
  • Four spacer blocks that can be set at either 2 or 2.5 inch height
  • Four spacer blocks that can be set at either 3 or 3.5 inch height
  • Carrying bag is not included and is sold separately
  • User Instructions for Spacer Kit for Appliances on Legs


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