LiftCart Base Extension Kit


The LiftCart Base Extension Kit extends the footprint of your LiftCart to improve stability and performance when using it for loads that significantly extend past the 19.75″ x 30″ HDPE tabletop. The kit can also be used to span over a 30-in. wide range so that the LiftCart’s weight rests on the adjacent countertops and not the cooktop.

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Airsled's LiftCart Base Extension Kit is designed to enlarge the footprint of your LiftCart. By enlarging the footprint, you increase the LiftCart's stability when working with loads that are much larger than the 19.75" x 30" HDPE tabletop. The Base Extension Kit can also be used when working on over-the-range (OTR) microwaves. OTR microwaves are typically installed above a 30" wide range. If the range especially has a glass cooktop, the Base Extension Kit, when secured to the LiftCart's frame, will extend past the 30" cooktop and rest on the adjacent countertops. This safely transfers all the weight of the LiftCart and OTR microwave to the countertops to prevent possible damage to the glass cooktop. The LiftCart Base Extension Kit comes with leveling feet but can also be used with the LiftCart's included caster wheels if mobility is desired.

The Airsled LiftCart 10-in. Height Extension Kit:

  • Two, fully powder-coated steel extension rails
  • Four leveling feet with adjustment tool
  • Bolts to secure the extension rails to the LiftCart base
  • Nylon carrying bag
  • Total weight approximately 15 lbs.
  • Owner’s Manual for Airsled LiftCart


LiftCart Base Extension Kit Overview