Heavy Duty Appliance Mover PRO Bundle

Bundle our best selling Appliance Mover + accessories to save 10%

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The AM2400-VSPRO bundle combines Airsled’s top-selling appliance mover system and accessories, providing you with a wide range of performance capabilities. We’ve noticed many professionals often purchase these items together, so we’ve bundled them to simplify the decision-making process AND help you save 10% compared to individual purchases. Further details are available in the Product Description.

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Understanding the pain points and challenges our customers face when moving heavy loads, especially over sensitive flooring, is at the heart of what we do. Through countless customer interactions and our vast sales experience, we see that many professionals who purchase Airsled systems gravitate towards a specific Appliance Mover model and several key accessories that give them an Airsled solution with the widest and most flexible performance profile. We're using this first-hand knowledge to offer the Airsled Heavy Duty Appliance Mover AM2400-VSPRO bundle to streamline your purchasing process and save 10% over buying the items individually.

The AM2400-VSPRO Bundle includes:

The AM2400-VSPRO Bundle includes:

  • Two 9” W x 36” L x 1/8” T air beams made from high-grade US aluminum
  • 4HP / 120v / 11.3 amp blower
  • Standard hoses/connectors for 30” maximum air beam spread
  • XL 36″ hoses to increase air beam spread to 70″ if needed
  • Airflow controller to help adjust lift
  • Four, plastic Rough Surface Adapters (RSAs) each 10” W x 36” L
  • Foot brace to improve control and maneuverability
  • Shoulder strap for the blower
  • Carrying bag for your Airsled system and accessories
  • Appliance spacer kit for raised appliances for items that sit 2.5-4 inches of the floor (like luxury ranges)
  • Carrying bag for appliance spacer kit
  • Owner’s Manual for Standard and Heavy Duty Appliance Mover



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